• Z1 Coil Spring Upgrade Kits

Z1 Coil Spring Upgrade Kits


The Z1 Coil Spring Assembly consists of a Coil Topcap Assembly, Spring, Spring Guide, Washers (2), Travel Spacers (2), and Plunger Shaft Assembly.

The Coil Topcap Assembly offers user adjustable spring preload. The Spring is available in four different rates to accommodate different rider weights. Springs are marked with a color code that identifies the spring rate. The Spring Guide must be the same color as the marking on the spring for proper function. Washers must be in position at either ends of the Spring. Two Travel Spacers must be present and installed for proper function. See below for additional Travel Spacer details. The Plunger Shaft Assembly is specific to either 27.5in or 29in forks.