• Complete Braking System V2

Complete Braking System V2


- BRAKING enters the Bicycle market with a brand new MADE IN ITALY master cylinder/caliper braking system dedicated to DH - Enduro - Cross Country - Ebike applications.

- Innovative design of the complete system: Forging, CNC machining and high quality finishing for all the components of the braking system.

- Higher pressure inside the overall system compared to the classic braking system avalable on the market.

- The brake system works at higher operating pressures than the existing ones at the same lever force. The higher pressure withing the system allows greater stopping force. Meanwhile, it makes brake movement adjustable at will, with only millimetric shifting of the lever. The right compromise to get braking control at the tip of your finger.

- The hight pressure reduces the force that the rider has to apple to the lever, reducing fatigue that the riders hand and arm are subjected to.


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