• Dirt Jumper (36) 2021

Dirt Jumper (36) 2021



The 36 26 831 features the freshly updated gravity-specific GRIP2 damper, now with VVC high-speed compression.

“Factory” says it all – feature-packed and designed to exceed the demands of our Factory-level riders. What we sell is what they race. Factory Series products feature slippery smooth, ultra-durable Genuine Kashima Coat.

GRIP2 - Updated for 2021
Our GRIP2 damper is the benchmark for unparalleled ride quality and ultra-precise on-the-fly adjustability. For 2021, we’ve taken GRIP2 to the next level by adding our patented VVC technology to the high-speed compression circuit.

VVC is a proprietary variable valve control system that allows for external fine-tuning of suspension performance. GRIP2 achieves with the twist of a knob what typically requires the time consuming and complicated task of completely disassembling and reassembling the fork.


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