Green EBC Bicycle Brake Pads are a high-quality resin organic formulation popular for its zero disc wear producing an excellent all round replacement pad for pleasure riding, cross country and trekking especially on nonhardened discs which many actually are. If in doubt always use a “resin” pad to protect your discs.


These Red grade EBC Bicycle Brake Pads are also a resin base to protect your rotors but with extra high ‘ Red grade is also very low abrasion and can therefore be used on all types of rotors, hardened or unhardened without rotor damage. The high friction and better heat fade resistance makes the red grade better for downhill and faster riding but monitor for wear carefully. If the longest life is required, go for the sintered pad option.


It is commonly accepted that sintered copper alloy brake pads last several times longer than organic pads.

These comments still ring true in the bicycle brake pad market. Best applied only to hardened rotors the sintered pad option is great for dirt, dust, water splash and contaminated riding due to its higher mechanical strength and in all forms of use lasts many times longer than resin pads.

Sintered pads do tend to generate a little more heat, so in downhill use where a hydraulic system (cable systems are OK) is used, a metal stand-off pipe will be a great option behind the caliper to avoid hose ballooning. In normal flat or varied riding, this is not an issue and these pads just keep on lasting and lasting.


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