Suspension Oil


Suspension oil for the servicing of Fox forks and shocks.

To help work out required oil type and volumes please consult the oil volume guide for 2021 forks here:

Fox 2021 Fork Oil Volume Guide. 

Previous model years can be found at the bottom of the linked page.


NOTE: It is critical that 5wt PTFE fork oil is used in all Grip and Grip2 damper side lower legs.



Image Code Product Name Stock
Oil: AM, FOX Bath Oil [250 ml.], 20 WT Gold
FOX 025-03-015
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Oil: Suspension Fluid [250 ml. ] R3, 5WT, ISO 15
FOX 025-06-006
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Oil: AM, FOX Bath Oil [32 oz.], 20 WT Gold
FOX 025-03-010
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Oil: AM, FOX Suspension Fluid [32 oz.], 10 WT Green
FOX 025-03-008
In Stock
Oil: AM, FOX FLOAT Fluid [8 oz.]
FOX 025-03-003-A
In Stock
Oil: Suspension Fluid, 5wt, Teflon Infused, 1.0 US Quart
FOX 025-03-023
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Oil: Suspension Fluid [1.00 Quart] R3, 5WT, ISO 15
FOX 025-06-007
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